Training of Trainer

Training of Trainer Calender

Sl. ToT/ToA Lead or Field Trainer Assessor State ToT Start Date ToT End Date Adopt Job Roles
1 ToT/ToA Lead Trainer/Assessor Delhi 7-2-2017 10-2-2017 PwD Expository
2 ToT/ToA Lead Trainer/Assessor Kolkata 21-2-2017 24-2-2017 PwD Expository
3 ToT/ToA Lead Trainer/Assessor Gujarat 7-3-2017 10-3-2017 PwD Expository
4 ToT/ToA Lead Trainer/Assessor maharashtra 21-3-2017 24-3-2017 PwD Expository

SCPwD Top-up TOT module
Top up TOT, in which SCPwD trainers will undergo training being conducted by domain SSC in Domain and Platform Skills (10 days’ domain SSC training, RPL & Platform Training with two assessments) and later SCPwD will assemble the trainers at one place for Disability Sensitization (+ 4days Disability sensitization, Top -Up). The Disability Orientation (Training on Expository) will be three and half days & Assessment of half a day.

Name :Sunil Rawat
Designation :Deputy manager
Email id :sunil.rawat@scpwd.in
Mob No :9899864715